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    Clytemnestra was responsible for her husbands death. However, as we now know, Agamemnon’s death was just a symptom of a family curse. Does the fact that Agamemnon’s death is the result of a curse make Clytemnestra any less responsible for the murder of her husband?


    Helena Pulacu

    I believe that Agamemnon’s death was equally

    • a symptom of the family curse
    • a consequence of the king’s actions (prior & after the War)
    • Clytaemnestra’s decision (with Aegisthus’ kind encouragement & assistance)

    Certain scholars also mention political transitions (e.g., from the custom of blood feud to public courts of law, and/or from a matrilineal to a patrilineal society) as central themes in the Aeschylus’ play.



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    Despite of the fact that he was a kind of tyrant, he was very strong from different aspects.



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