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About: Anya Leonard

Anya Leonard is the co-founder of Classical Wisdom Weekly and current Project Director. She has a M.A. in Sociology from University of Edinburgh and studied at St. John’s College with a double major in Philosophy and the History of Math of Science. She lives and writes from all over the world.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Self-Quarantine…

People think we are a little crazy. After all, there are currently only 30 COVID-19 cases in the whole country of almost 45 million, so surely we are a little ‘paranoid’ to choose self-quarantine…everyone is out and about without a care in the world… Why should we act any differently? Why Stay at Home? Our

[Video] Interview on Greek Mythology

Anya Leonard discusses Greek mythology on the Mind Of Veedu Podcast. They discuss the birth of the gods and why there is a patricide them in the origin stories as well as the Theban Cycle. What can we learn from the Oedipal stories and was Freud right? They finish up with a discussion on the

What is an Educated Person?

What is an educated man? This a dear reader wrote in to ask us, and I feel it is an excellent question. One, I’d like to present to you, and to the wider Classics community. Of course the ancient Greeks and Romans had strong feelings on the subject. Many of the most famous schools in

Should We Bring Back the Swastika?

A few months ago the lead singer of an all girl Thai pop group made a tearful apology. The 19 year-old had made a horrible mis-judgement in her wardrobe choice, donning a swastika only two days before the Holocaust Rememberance day. The deputy chief of mission of the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok took to Twitter

The Goal of Happiness: A summary of Nicomachean Ethics

The achievement of happiness, according to Aristotle, is the end goal of every man. His reasoning is thus: All human activities are done in order to attain something that is good. We don’t do something because we think it will be bad for us. In addition, most of these activities are not the main objective,

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