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10 Movies That Cater To Greek Mythology Fans

Written by Kristin Herman, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdo Greek mythology has fascinated audiences for over two millennia, and numerous movies have been inspired by these ancient stories. Here are 10 great movies that you can watch right now to get into the spirit of Greek mythology! 1. Antigone (1961) “Based on the tragic play by

Aristotle and the chatbot

Written by Justin Osborne, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Whenever you surf the Internet, you‘re likely to bump into chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI). They serve all sorts of purposes: to provide website guidance, pinpoint products, answer your questions, and much more. Chatbots are reportedly capable of answering 80% of standard questions. Research shows that

Pseudoscience through the Ages: From Delphi to Tarot

Written by Titus, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Pseudoscience was seen differently in the ancient world than it is today, but many of its ancient practices continue to this day. Ancient disciplines of divination, such as astrology, have yet to be validated by modern science yet astrology continues to hold sway in the modern world. In

Everyone knows about the seahorse, but what about the star horse?

Written by Danielle Alexander, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The horse features relatively heavily in Greek mythology, with Hesiod referring to a horse during his invocation to the Heliconian Muses at the start of his Theogony. Thus it comes as no surprise that the ancients, who placed their greatest stories and symbols in the night sky,

The 5 Most Powerful Creatures From Mythology

Written by Michael Dehoyos, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom All cultures throughout the world have their own legendary creatures. These creatures were believed to be extraordinary animals or hybrids who possessed special abilities or attributes. While some were believed to be highly intelligent, others were known for being dangerous and powerful. Here we explore the top

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