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About: Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly has a Double Honours BA in English and Classics at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. His particular interest is in Euripides, and how the visual aspects of staging his works reflect and manifest his philosophical interests and concerns (particularly regarding the Sophists). He is also a specialist in Digital Marketing, and a passionate advocate for the potential that technology and the internet hold to engage people with the Classics.

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Patricians and Plebians in Ancient Rome

by Kevin Blood In the Roman citizenry there existed two distinct social classes or orders.  The patricians (patres – fathers) and the plebeians (plebs – multitude). To understand the political, social, economic and military developments that happened in the Roman Republic, it is important to understand how early republican society functioned and was organised according

Euripides’ Helen – an Alternative View of Helen of Troy

by Sean Kelly, Managing Editor, Classical Wisdom She’s probably the single most famous woman from all of Greek mythology. We think we know the tale – the most beautiful woman in the world, and the enormous war that was fought over her. Yet her story is much more complex than many may imagine. Was she

Athena in Ancient Literature

by Sean Kelly, Managing Editor, Classical Wisdom She’s one of the most famous and prominent of the Greek deities. Her symbol – the owl – still stands proudly, millennia later, as an emblem of wisdom. Yet what do the ancient texts actually say about her? Who is she, and what does she do? What do

Can Politics be Virtuous?

by Sean Kelly, Managing Editor, Classical Wisdom We owe a great deal to the world of Ancient Greece and Rome. The philosophy, the mythology, not to mention the myriad artworks inspired by it through the centuries. Much of what we love about that era may have been lost if not for another great epoch… that

Ten Caesars

by Sean Kelly, Managing Editor, Classical Wisdom You know the names… …but do you know the men behind them? There are few, if any, names more consequential in the ancient world than Caesar. Centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, the name Caesar still means one thing: leader. As late as the twentieth century,

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