by Lia Pas
by Lia Pas What happens to each of us is ordered. It furthers our destiny. Marcus Aurelius[1] We never know
By Donald Robertson, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius. (Thanks to Landessammlungen
By Anya Leonard Death does not concern us,” says the fourth century BC philosopher Epicurus, “because as long as we
epicurus ethics2
by Enda Harte Epicurus was said to have been born into a noble family in Samos, Greece, around 341 BC.
A while back I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, surrounded by all sorts of invalids.  The man to
by Danielle Alexander, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom One of the first fictional universes that inspired my obsession with Greek mythology
by Mary Naples, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom On the vast steppes of Eurasia, in an area the Greeks referred to
By Ben Potter If you’ve ever taken even an hour of Latin class, then—more likely than not—the words of the
by Nicole Saldarriaga, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Name this man: when warned that the earth and all its inhabitants would
Mercifully the children were drugged before they were left to die. Aged 6, 7, and 15, they were given a