Danielle Alexander
Danielle, our fresh resident mythologist, is a BA Ancient Civilisations student at UWTSD in rural Wales. She has had a love for the ancient, and prehistorical world, specifically mythology, from a very young age. Her determination to continue her education, diving into the intricacy of mythology, is peaked by the goal for teaching myth and its web of interdisciplinary connections to bring humanity and accessibility into academia. Watch this space.
Alex Barrientos
Alex has a BA in both philosophy and history, and is currently working towards a PhD in philosophy at the University of Utah. Though he mainly focuses on the Early Modern period of philosophy (16th-18th century), he is fascinated by the wisdom of the classics. His favorite question of all is, “What does it mean to live a good life?” It is one that he thinks the philosophers and poets of the classical world provided the most interesting and timeless answers to. But, when he’s not contemplating the depths of the human condition, he enjoys playing video games, watching Netflix, and raiding used book stores.
Visnja Bojovic
I hold a master’s degree in Classical Philology from the University of Belgrade, where I specialized in ancient Greek drama and its social influence. Due to my great passion for languages, I have been teaching them for more than five years now. I teach business English in a Spanish branch of a company called Learnlight, and I am a private tutor of Latin and ancient Greek. As curious and hungry for knowledge as I am, I spend my free time reading, traveling, and learning languages.
Bill Bonner
Bill Bonner is an American author of books and articles on economic and financial subjects. He is the founder and president of Agora Publishing, and the principal author of a daily financial column, The Diary of a Rogue Economist.
Van Bryan
The author of Classical Wisdom Weekly’s weekend newsletter, Van Bryan is an intrepid young writer who divides his time between the bustling streets of Manhattan and the sandy beaches of Miami, Florida. He is a graduate from the University of Central Florida where he studied classical literature as well as ancient and contemporary philosophy.
A. P. David
A. P. David has a Ph.D from the University of Chicago. He is the author of several books and peer-reviewed articles on Homer and Plato including The Dance of the Muses: Choral Theory and Ancient Greek Poetics (Oxford, 2006; see also https://danceofthemuses.org).’
Brittany Garcia
Brittany Garcia has a B.A in Classical Studies and Comparative Ancient History from UC Riverside. She maintains her own personal blog on Classical Studies, and is a volunteer translator for the Iris Project with NASA’s project: Making Mars Speak Latin. Additionally, she is a contributing author to the Ancient History Encyclopedia.
Kim Guarnaccia 
A graduate of Yale University, Kim is a published writer, an award-winning designer, and a lover of history. In the 1990s she founded Renaissance magazine and was its editor and art director for well over a decade. She currently maintains the blog Mystorical.net and the FaireFinder app and website. She is also a passionate reader, metal detectorist, crafter, and gardener who often wishes she was an archaeologist on the hunt for Alexander’s final resting place.
Brendan Heard
Brendan Heard is a shadowy character of mysterious origins. Some say he appeared over the Nile one summer day, floating and shimmering as did the cosmic egg over the black water of Nu at the beginning of time. And he was heard at that time to say: ‘Lo! I am Born with Ra.’. And as the sun floated upon the water’s breast, he was with Ra then, as he was with Nu. And when Brendan, according to his desire, uttered the deep thoughts of his mind, that which he named had being. When he gazed into space, that which he desired to see appeared before him. He went about among men; he took form like unto theirs, and to him the centuries were as years.
Jocelyn Hitchcock
Jocelyn currently lives in Greece and is a MA student in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a BA in Classics and History from UNC Chapel Hill. Her current work focuses on network theory and economic development in the central Mediterranean Bronze Age. She enjoys Latin comedy, modern entertainment reception of epics, and any reason to buy a new notebook for research.
David Hooker
Residing in Arizona, David was educated at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana (Masters in Music), Vienna’s Hochschule für Musik, and Nazarene Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity). He has been drawn to the great millennia-old “conversation” of philosophy – from the pre-Socratics to the present – his entire life. David has worked as a professional Musician, Bandleader, and Music Director most of his life, working with a wide variety of excellent musicians, stars, and semi-stars. He has enjoyed traveling the globe working for various elite cruise lines. Dave loves great music, books, films, long healthy walks, and world travel.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly has a Double Honours BA in English and Classics at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. His particular interest is in Euripides, and how the visual aspects of staging his works reflect and manifest his philosophical interests and concerns (particularly regarding the Sophists). He is also a specialist in Digital Marketing, and a passionate advocate for the potential that technology and the internet hold to engage people with the Classics.
Katherine Kennedy
Katherine Kennedy is a writer, novelist and traveller. She has an MA in Creative Writing, and is pursuing a PhD revolving around Helen of Troy. She is a passionate history student, having studied ancient and classical history for over three decades, and has enjoyed exploring many sites including Knossos, Pompeii, Rome, Phaistos, and Athens to name a few.
Anya Leonard
Anya Leonard is the Founder and Director of Classical Wisdom. She has a M.A. in Sociology from University of Edinburgh and studied at St. John’s College with a double major in Philosophy and the History of Math of Science. She lives and writes from all over the world.
Mary E. Naples
With an emphasis in Women’s Studies, Mary Naples has an M.A. in Humanities from Dominican University of California. Her deep love of the classical world is reflected in her writing which explores women’s narratives ranging from the ancient Greek and Roman worlds into the Byzantine era and even into ancient Israel and Judea. Mary Naples has been a contributing writer for Classical Wisdom since 2013. More of her articles can be found at www.femminaclassica.com.
Victoria Papale
Victoria attended the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros Greece, and that experience transformed her art journey. Victoria now paints in the four Earth Tones, also known as the Primaries of Antiquity or Tetrachromy, these colors were used by the artists of Classic and Hellenistic Greece. She has exhibited world wide and also teaches this technique of painting.
Ben Potter
Ben Potter is a writer and university lecturer. He has lived and taught in several countries; notably Japan, China, Thailand, the UK, and Italy. He has an MA in Classics from The University of Edinburgh.
Cam Rea
Cam Rea has a BA and MA in Military History. He recently published “March of the Scythians: From Sargon II to the Fall of Nineveh.” In addition, he is an ancient history junky and a Teaching Assistant at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Stella Samaras
Stella Samaras has a B.A. Hons. in Theatre and Film Studies from the University of New South Wales. She revels in the wonder and mystery of ancient cultures.
Jackie Slevin
M.A., C.A. NCGR, Jackie Slevin has acted as Co-Director of Education of The National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), being the Dean and Founder of the University of Geocosmic Studies. A professional teacher, lecturer and consultant for over years, she authored the book “Finding Success in the Horoscope: The Slevin System of Horoscope Analysis” and additional articles by her can be found at https://geocosmicstudies.com/.
Benjamin Welton
Benjamin Welton has a BA in History from West Virginia University and a MA in English from the University of Vermont. When not hustling story ideas or pitching articles, Mr. Welton maintains a blog (The Trebuchet) and continues his love affair with the ancient world.
Edward Whelan
Edward Whelan attended the University of Maynooth 2003-2008 and studied history and classical studies. He obtained a BA from Maynooth and was admitted to the History Ph.D. program. He graduated with a PhD in history in 2008. Between 2010-2012 he worked in the Limerick City Archives. A published author he has also written many journal articles. Edward is a full-time freelance writer and researcher and live in, County Clare, Ireland.