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Discover Plato’s ‘The Ring of Gyges’

A New Perspective on an Ancient Tale

Taking place Friday September 17th, 2021. Make sure to reserve your spot HERE.
The story that inspired Lord of the Rings, Plato’s “Ring of Gyges” is usually considered a morality lesson against greed and corruption. But what if there was another way to look at this ancient tale? The writer William Irwin Thompson has argued that folktales (and by extension, mythology) can serve the function of preserving the practical knowledge of a society…In fact, even folk narratives that appear to be no more than simple morality tales may contain elements that transcend the basic theme of a moral lesson for the story’s hearers.
Join us on FRIDAY, September 17th at Noon EDT (New York time) for a new perspective on the “Ring of Gyges”. We’ll discuss how the tale of the ring of Gyges has several such elements: it speaks of a particular technology that is magical — a fantastic ring — but also contains a deeper mythos of various technological and cultural themes, including the potential of technical abilities to corrupt an advanced civilization.
Discover Plato’s “Ring of Gyges” with Dr. Benjamin B. Olshin, former Professor of Philosophy, the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, and Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Dr. Olshin is a researcher, musician, artist, consultant and author of several books including “ Lost Knowledge”, “Deciphering Reality”, and “The Mysteries of the Marco Polo Maps”.
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