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Do We Need the Classics?

A New Look at the Canon with Dr. Anika Prather

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Taking place TUESDAY November 23rd, 2021 @ NOONpm EDT. Make sure to reserve your spot HERE.

From Homer to James Joyce, the Western Canon has come under a lot of scrutiny of late… Is it relevant? Should we have it? And if so, who should be in it?

These are the common questions currently being asked…

Derived from the the ancient Greek word κανών (kanṓn), ‘Canon’ means a measuring rod, or standard… and historically the canon has held a high and prestigious position in both academia and the public at large. But as societies evolve, more and more are wondering if the classics – and the canon – represent our current culture.

Featuring Dr. Anika T. Prather, Professor at Howard University and adjunct professor at Messiah University, Resident Scholar at Classical Academic Press and Founder of Living Water School, along with Alexandra Hudson of Civic Renaissance and Anya Leonard of Classical Wisdom.

We’ll discuss whether books can bridge the divide between diverse cultures, and if so, which books do we need to read?

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