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We often hear that the humanities and the Liberal arts are useless. Our society elevates vocations that are viewed as “efficient” and “practical”—such as STEM or business degrees—while great books degrees and curriculums are seen as luxuries.
As a consequence, students in education today are losing the habits of awe, curiosity, and contemplation that help us become fully human and lead meaningful lives.
Why has our modern system of education become obsessed with the practical and technical to the detriment of a contemplative view of education?
It’s time to recover the role of Beauty in education, to show how a liberal arts education can form us as integral persons—mind, body, and soul.
Join us on April 27th, noon est to discover the Love of Learning with Margarita Mooney Suarez of the Scala Foundation, Alexandra Hudson of Civic Renaissance and Anya Leonard of Classical Wisdom.

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About the Speakers:
Margarita Mooney Suarez is currently an Associate Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, having served as faculty at institutions of higher education since 2005. She is also founder and executive director of Scala Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring meaning and purpose to universities and schools by promoting liberal arts education. As a woman whose work lies at the intersection of the social sciences with philosophy and theology, she excels at encouraging students, readers, listeners and audiences to think about important questions in beauty, education, femininity, vocation, hope and faith in new and different ways.
Alexandra Hudson is an award winning journalist, author, and speaker, as well as the founder of Civic Renaissance, a newsletter and intellectual community dedicated to moral and cultural renewal.
Anya Leonard is the founder and Director of Classical Wisdom, a site dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to modern minds. Anya studied philosophy and comparative literature at St. John’s College in Annapolis, a great books program and received her MA in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. She has recently published a children’s book, Sappho: The Lost Poetess, dedicated to the life, works and remarkable recent discovery of a poem written by the 7th century Poetess, Sappho. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Upcoming EVENTS: 

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Ancient Philosophy Comes Alive! 
May 21, 2022 – Noon EST
Classical Wisdom’s Anya Leonard will co-host the Plato’s Academy Center’s inaugural Conference on Greek Philosophy and the Good Life. Featuring: Prof. Angie Hobbs, University of Sheffield; Prof. Voula Tsouna, University of California, Santa Barbara; Prof. Nancy Sherman, University of Georgetown; Prof. Chloe Balla, University of Crete; Dr John Sellars, Royal Holloway, University of London; Robin Waterfield, classicist and translator of Plato and Xenophon; and Donald Robertson, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius.