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How to Start A Civic Renaissance:

Lessons from Petrarch

We live in an era of political & social division are emerging from an era of widespread death and suffering. Can we find a path to renewal?
We’ve just emerged from an era of widespread death and suffering. We lack leaders in our cultural institutions—in education, news media, and politics—with visions for a better, more hopeful future.
Many declare what they oppose—but who is casting a vision for a better way of being, and defining what they stand for?
Have we any reason to hope for an era of renewal and rebirth?
Francisco Petrarch, father of the Italian Renaissance, thought so when his era was similarly divided and despairing.
Join us for a conversation with Petrarch scholar Christopher Celenza of Johns Hopkins University as we explore the ingredients of civic, social, and intellectual renewal, drawing lessons from the era of “rebirth”—known to history as the Italian Renaissance—that Petrarch led.
The conversation will be co-faciliated by Anya Leonard, founder and CEO of Classical Wisdom, and Alexandra Hudson, founder and curator of Civic Renaissance.
We will reflect on how lessons from the beginning of the Italian renaissance offer insights into our own moment, and inspiration for us to usher in a Renaissance today.
Taking place TUESDAY, June 22 at Noon EDT.
Please note, everyone who registers in advance will receive a recording whether or not they can attend the live event.
Hope to see you there!