Peloponnesian war

insta3It was a war that forever changed the Ancient Greek world. It took down the mightiest city-state, Athens, and established Sparta as the superior power.
Summary of the Peloponnesian war:

Greco-Persian war

ThemistoclesThe Persian wars were a series of engagements between the massive Persian empire and the various city states of ancient Greece over the course of 40 years (499-449 BCE). 
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Battle of Marathon

marathon-battle-1The Battle of Marathon marked the first truly significant military engagement between the ancient Greeks and the Persian empire. Could this be the war for the west?
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Pankration (Greek Martial Arts)

Legend says that Hercules developed Pankration in order to become more formidable in wrestling tournaments. Another origin story by Plutarch is that Theseus created the Pankration in his battle with the Minotaur…
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