This is your opportunity to join an exclusive online Symposium with some of the greatest thinkers on the ancient world.
Immerse yourself in the Classical World for a weekend of wit and wisdom (and wine!) that will return you to the modern world refreshed and inspired by the Ancients.
Now, part and parcel of the whole ‘Symposium’ Experience is… of course, the wine!
To accomplish this essential task, Classical Wisdom has teamed up with the Bonner Private Wine Partnership.
(Long time readers may recognize the name Bonner… a lover of the classics and an astonishing example of Stoic philosophy, Bill Bonner has been forced to live on the land up in the Argentine mountains… fortunately for him -and his wife- they happen to grow fantastic wine there.)
The Bonner Private Wine Partnership usually reserves its wines for members only (and there’s actually a waitlist to join). That’s because the wines they source are mostly small batches, from traditional winemakers – no overbearing industrial wines.
They are also fellow Classicists, so when it came to providing wine for our Symposium, they did not disappoint!
They carefully choose selections to suit the occasion perfectly. As such, each small-production bottle from this Bonner Private Wine Partnership collection comes from a vineyard steeped in ancient history…
In fact, some of these have never been imported to the US before! So enjoy them while you can!
There is ONE CATCH: We only have 100 sets available.
This means you do have to act fast, because it will be first come, first serve.
That’s why I am writing to you, our faithful readers, first. This week we will open registration up to several publications at our friends at Agora, which means we could sell out very quickly.
Don’t miss out! This is a once in a life time opportunity… exactly at the moment when we all need history and philosophy the most! Make sure to register your spot today.