I think it started with hand sanitizer. All of the sudden, the arbitrary rule of xx ozs of liquids on planes was dropped. Can’t limit that virus killing gel in such a cramped environment, after all. And with that quick policy change, so flippantly acknowledged, the ‘theater of security’ had its curtain pulled up, revealing its props and unnecessary stage devices.
Then came the jail occupants…the victimed incarcerated, whose crimes were born out of bureaucracy and poverty, were turned out into the streets in lieu of crowded cells, leaving the thoughtful to scratch their heads and ask why they were there in the first place?
Now, the world over, hard working employees and students who had been asking to do their tasks from home for years have finally got their wish. Turns out, they ‘can’ do it.
We are at a pivotal moment in history. The Post-Corona world will be very different from what we have previously known. Disruption is happening, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s bad.
It is at times like these, we start to see a bit of truth … when the tide goes out, we find who has been swimming without their trunks; we learn which emperors have no clothes.
But enough of nude cliches, what does this all mean? Well, dear fellow philosopher, I reckon it’s the moment we need to ask important questions… we need to refer to our thousands of years of history, literature, virtues and knowledge to decide what we want the next version of our society to look like… and so I ask you,
What Should the Post-Corona World Look Like? How should we construct our society? What values and ethics should we reinforce? Which ones should we drop?
And to continue from Alex’s excellent question last week… should we distance ourselves from democracy?
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