It’s a game we’ve ALL played before… though the answers vary depending on our age and situation.
Mine personal responses have been at times: the 1920s, 1850s and the 8th century BC. While I’m a sucker for flapper fashion, Tolstoy scenes and the ancient world, inevitably I finish my comment with, but really, I don’t think I could live in any time period other than now.
After all, I’m a very outspoken woman… just ask my husband!
My hypothetical historical backdrops usually involve a stage or a salon – both of which I’m happily commanding. (Remember, this is fantasy!) Nonetheless, I’m fully aware that my ability to reach the safe spotlight would have fully depended on my station or position in society. Only the ultra-elite, the aristocratic ladies were offered such opportunities as literacy or liberation.

Looks pretty relaxing…right?

Considering that, today’s question should be a no-brainer, right? It should be clear as day… at least for this middle class matron.
But as always, things are a little more complicated.
In fact, in many of today’s mailbag responses the very issue is discussed. Some comment that our world is getting more orderly. Others note that we have developed… our abilities to efficiently murder each other.
Crime exists…always. Inequality exists… in one form or another. And sickness can still prevail… despite all our technological advances.
So I’d like to ask you, dear reader:
Have ‘we’ progressed at all? Is human civilization more advanced than it was… say in the golden age of Athens? Or the height of the Roman Empire? Are we any happier today than then?
As always, you can write me directly at [email protected] or comment below…