1. What Is Thumos? The first thing we should point out is that there is not an exact translation for
By Cam Rea It all started over grazing lands. Lot and Abraham had flocks and herds, but when they came
Last time we left off with Plato’s rather illusive explanation of moral virtue and the process of attaining it. It
Despite popular opinion, screaming at one another is not arguing. Well, at least it’s not what arguing should be. All
By Ben Potter Rome's 'Golden Age' is, quite rightly, thought to have reached its zenith in the days when it
The temple of Apollo at Delphi might have very well been one of the most impressive and most holy sites
By Benjamin Welton “Etruria is the originator and mother of all superstition.” This was stated by Arnobius the Elder, a
By Ben Potter Much time and care is taken to bring the ancients to life; to imbue modern society with
While Plato and Aristotle are often considered to be contrary thinkers, or at the very least they were certainly distinct
By Joel Bowman “Change is the only constant,” observed the pre-Socratic philosopher, Heraclitus, more than two and a half millennia