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Does Race Exist?

Well, I will certainly delve into controversial waters today dear reader. I do think it’s important though, perhaps especially because it’s so hard to discuss.  The concept of “Race” as a human categorization is all the rage. It’s something that filters the media, the arts, permeates our culture and is seen to affect our work,

Paideia, Humanitas, and Civility: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Written by Alexandra Hudson, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom I recently visited the “Other Parthenon”—an exact replication of the Ancient Athenian Parthenon that was built in the early 1900s in Nashville, Tennessee. Like the original Parthenon, it was absolutely striking: At Civic Renaissance, a publication I curate, we regularly reflect on the way in which the

Are the Classics Under Attack?

Those who immerse themselves in the ancient world are often faced with a number of ‘-cides’. All offensive and forbidden, you can’t get through a myth or a history book without encountering suicide, homicide, infanticide, matricide, fratricide, regicide… to name a few. But perhaps, in our modern era of 2021, there may be a new

Do the Classics Matter?

“So… what do you write about?” “Ancient Greece and Rome” “Uh huh.. and um… why again?” “Ahh… well, do you have a moment?” Replace ‘write’ with ‘read/study/discuss/like’, and it’s a conversation I imagine many of us have had. With the Odyssey firmly tucked under our arms, it’s as if we are classical missionaries trying to