Pankration By Jakob Renner Ancient Greece is famously known for its rich culture, especially with regards to philosophy, art and
The first mistake many make when discussing the hero Ajax and his role in the Trojan war, is that they
Musonius Rufus was born sometime before 30 A.D. to an Etruscan family in the town of Volsinii. Considered one of
The battle of Marathon has, for millenia now, been firmly planted within the annals of western history. A decisive battle,
Branch: Ethics Approach: Relativism "Man is the measure of all things" Protagoras was born in Abdera, in northeast Greece. He would
A dominant city-state in ancient Greece, Corinth would grow to prominence as a trading center in the early Mycenaean age and
Before the time of a democratic Athens, or a conquering Alexander the Great, there existed a fledgling Greek society that
Branch: Epistemology Approach: Paradox's (reductio ad absurdum) Zeno of Elea was a rather interesting presocratic philosopher, though that isn't to
Branch: Ethics Approach: Stoicism "Happiness is a good flow of life" Zeno of Citium was born around 332 BCE, some
   Branch: Metaphysics Approach: Monism "Hope is the only good that is common to all men; those who have nothing else