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The Historical and Cultural Significance of Olympia

Written by Titus, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Olympia was Greek a sanctuary site located in the western Peloponnese dedicated to one of the most important Greek deities, Zeus. The cultural significance of Olympia was far-reaching, being a place of great significance to the Greeks for generations and modern society today. Modern Olympic Games are the

Do Sports have Value?

The problem with being a perennial expat is that annual events up north can really catch you off guard. Take Sunday, for instance… We were casually having a roast pork lunch which came out quite close to dinner, which resulted in a long ‘sobre mesa’ (the discussion that takes place after a meal)… And before

Roman Chariot Racing: a Sport for Fanatics

By Mónica Correa, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Nowadays folks use fast cars and designer handbags to flaunt their wealth. Back in the ancient Greek world, however, owning horses was the ultimate status symbol. This tradition continued during the Roman Empire and indeed, anyone who partook in equine activities was immediately assumed to belong to the