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The Historical and Cultural Significance of Olympia

Written by Titus, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Olympia was Greek a sanctuary site located in the western Peloponnese dedicated to one of the most important Greek deities, Zeus. The cultural significance of Olympia was far-reaching, being a place of great significance to the Greeks for generations and modern society today. Modern Olympic Games are the

Eunapius: Historian, Teacher and Fearless Pagan

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom There are many remarkable figures in the history of Greece. Too often, the focus is on the Golden Ages of Greece and Rome. However, even in Late Antiquity when the Graeco-Roman world was in decline, there were many significant figures—Eunapius among them. This famous Greek sophist, historian,

All You NEED to Know About the Ancient Olympics

Written by Divya Gupta, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The first Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Around 280 participants from 13 nations competed in 43 sporting games. Since 1994, the famous Game has been held separately as the Winter and Summer Olympics every two years. But did you know these modern games