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Xenophanes: The Most Scandalous Philosopher of Ancient Greece

Written by Mariami Shanshashvili, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Plato’s Euthyphro is centered around Socrates’ attempts to examine and define the concept of piety. In the course of conversation, he develops a central and somewhat scandalous argument: what is holy is not the same as what the gods do or approve. In fact, the gods ‘sin’

Protagoras & Relativism

By Jacob Bell, Associate Editor, Classical Wisdom “Man is the measure of all things…” It is likely that you have heard this phrase uttered at one time or the other. It is an explicit declaration of relativism, and one of the earliest accounts of such a theory. It was Protagoras who made this statement. He

In Pursuit Of The Good

If Plato’s ideas on ethics seems a bit hazy to you, then rest assured you’re not alone. There are several reasons why Plato’s conception of a good life are illusive. For starters, in all of his early dialogues the philosopher spends his time giving a thrashing to our conventional ideas of virtues such as justice,

Classical Wisdom Standoff: Epistemology of Plato and Aristotle (part 2)

If you recall, we discussed in an earlier essay the epistemology of Plato and his rather abstract notion of the world of the forms. To Plato there exists a separate realm where abstract concepts such as beauty, justice, mathematical principles, even the essence of everyday objects exist perfectly and unchanging. We catch glimpses of these