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The Artemision Bronze: Mysterious Greek Masterpiece

Written by Ed Whalen, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The Ancient Greeks produced many artistic masterpieces, especially in sculpture. Many have survived down to the modern age. Most of the world’s leading museums have some examples of Hellenic sculpture. The iconic Artemision Bronze is one of the most famous surviving pieces of Greco-Roman art—and it has

A History of Frescos

Written by Lydia Serrant, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom From the halls of ancient Egypt to the streets of modern Mexico, frescos play a major role in storytelling and cultural preservation in ancient societies the world over. Frescos are one of the oldest-known forms of art in which water-based paints are applied to dry or semi-dry

A Guide to Greek Mosaics

Written by Divya Gupta, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The history of mosaics is as elaborate as the art form itself. Mosaic, in art, incorporates small stones and colored glass or pebbles that come together to express a form. Unlike inlay technique, a mosaic is not rendered according to the shape of consecutive fittings. Instead, unique

Walk Like an Egyptian: Early Greek Art

It easily falls into the ‘conspiracy’ category – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun story to tell. We are all taught that empires rise and fall and that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt were no exception. The year was 1336 BC and the Egyptian

Flawless Beauty or the Beauty of Flaws

By Anya Leonard “CRACK! Smash!” The sound of your favorite vase hitting the floor. You search around for the culprit – a child, a dog, or a clumsy spouse, any of which is about to incur your wrath. Perhaps it was an earthquake, and Poseidon is to blame… But what if, instead of looking at