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Witches of the Ancient World

by Ed Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom When we think of witches, we think of Hallowe’en and scary movies. What many people don’t realize is that witches have been around for a lot longer than any of those things, stretching all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome… In fact, many ancient cultures have

Women in the Odyssey: Goddesses, wives, lovers, and threats

By Ed Whelan, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom Traditionally, ancient Greece is seen as a patriarchal society where women were marginalized and oppressed. Yet, despite this, some women were able to be independent and play an important role in the Hellenic world. In the Odyssey of Homer, women play a significant role in the 20-year travels

Circe: Justice for the Witch

By Katherine Smyth, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom If you think you know the story of Circe, the witch of Aeaea and the seducer of the hero Odysseus, think again. There’s more to her story than is widely publicized or acknowledged, but to understand how Circe became one of ancient Greek mythology’s most notorious women you